Rizae is an Hazara - historically one of the most persecuted tribes in Afghanistan. He's also a member of the small pacifist Islamic sect, the Ismailias. This made him a target of the Taliban, and also the nomadic tribespeople, the Kuchis. In 2001 Rizae fled to Australia but he ended up on Nauru, the Pacific Island Australia paid to detain asylum seekers.

Rizae didn't trust the Pashtun translators who worked for Australia on Nauru - he never told them he was Ishmaili. Australia rejected his claim for asylum and sent him back to Afghanistan in 2002. But it wasn't safe for him in Afghanistan so he fled to Pakistan. He now moves between the Pakistan and Afghanistan borders, trying to stay safe from his old enemies.

Rizae travels two days through Taliban territory to come and meet Phil.

"There was not ever enough time to get information about my village. I do not believe and cannot see how [the Department of Immigration] were adequately able to inform themselves. Those places where we live are not and never were secure." - Rizae